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LCA-KP Holds Divisional Convention At Swat

Elected local government representative pledge to resisit changes in the KP local government act 2013

(Swat):Divisional convention Malakand attended by district Nazim Swat, district nazim Upper Dir, district nazim Lower Dir, District nazim Malakand, district naib nazims, Tehsil Nazim Kabal, Matta, Swat, district councillors from Chitral, Shangla, Tehsil Councillors around about 350 elected Councillors participated the convention.

Addressing the meeting LCA-KP President Mr.Himayat Ullah Mayar said that without an effective and powerfull elected district government/district councils the whole local council system will become

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Himayat Ullah Mayar

meaningless.He said LCA-KP will exercise its democratic right of launching peaefull protest against provincial government plan to do away with district councils by ammending KP local government act 2013.

LCA-KP Covener and District Nazim Malakand Mr.Ahmad Ali Shah also spoke on the occassion and woved to resist provincial government move to weaken elected local government at district level and transfering powers to the bureaucracy in violation of the constitution of Pakistan.23d4a75e 2315 4ec6 bf60 3deb1b475282 Voice Of Freedom

District Nazim Nazim Dir Bala Mr.Sahibzada Faseeh Ullah and District Nazim Swat also addressed the meeting….a3dd955f 13ae 4b92 9ddf b49fb5783776 Voice Of Freedom



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