1992 and 2019 CWC comparisions has gone to another level by a tweet of former Indian cricketer Akash Chopra

Pakistan Cricket Team and the skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed faced alot of criticism when they were defeated by the arch rival India in a group match but Pakistan come back strongly by defeating South Africa and the unbeaten Newzealand in their 7th match of CWC 2019.

Now the parallels of 1992 world cup and 2019 world are almost the same because in 1992 world cup Pakistan also defeated Newzealand in their 7th match where Newzealand was unbeated till their 6th match.

Now the Former Indian Cricket Akash Chopra tweet about Sarfaraz Ahmed and Imran Khan has led the comparison to another level.Screenshot 20190627 122249 Voice Of Freedom


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