Trump claims: ‘I have done more for Women than any president in history’

VOFNEWS– A day day that celebrates the right for white women to vote — President Donald Trump continues his self-congratulatory campaign, the president said that how much he has done for women in the United States.

President Trump on his twitter account claimed that he has done more for women in United States than any president in the history.

He tweeted “I have done more for WOMEN than just about any President in HISTORY! As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of women’s voting rights, we should build a BEAUTIFUL STATUE in Washington D.C. to honor the many brave women who made this possible for our GREAT COUNTRY.”

In a follow-up tweet, Trump said, “Congress should send me H.R.473 ASAP and make this happen! It will INSPIRE all women to continue being bold and brave in achieving their DREAMS!” Infused with inherent sexism implying women must be “bold and brave,” the tweets immediately garnered backlash considering Trump’s track record speaking about women and rolling back women’s rights over the duration of his presidency, and long before it. 

President Trump tweet

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