Trade War: US-China Relations Remains Strong despite of the Trade War, says Trump

11 May, 2019: Mr.Trump said that US-China relation remains very strong even they have embroiled in a trade war.

US President Mr.Trump said that the talks between Washington and Beijing will continue even after the finishing of deadline on Friday for them to reach an agreement. As a result the United States raised the tariffs to 25% from 10% on Chinese goods.

China says it “deeply regrets” the action of US and would have to take “necessary counter-measures”. However on Friday Beijing also confirmed that negotiations would take place further following two days of what were described as “honest” and “constructive” talks.

The latest US move raises tariffs on $200bn (£153.7bn) worth of Chinese imports. On top of the tariffs implemented on Friday, Mr Trump said a process had begun to place the full 25% tariff on a further $ 325bn of Chinese goods. Mr.Trump also said that the tariffs taken in would be use to buy US agricultural goods, which would then be used for “humanitarian assistance”.

The US president tweeted that, depending on the future negotiations outcome, the tariffs “may or may not” be removed.

trump tweet Voice Of Freedom

Mr.Trump earlier has also said that he was in no rush to reach a trade agreement following two days of bilateral talks. Only recently, the China and US appeared to be close to ending months of tensions over trade.


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