Second ‘red-letter’ issued by PM Imran Khan to lax ministries

ISLAMABAD: PM Imran Khan issued a ‘red-letter’ to 16 ministries for delay in implementation of previously given orders by the federal cabinet, the red-letter is issued for the second time by PM Imran Khan in his government.

PM Office issued a notification on friday said that the eight task were assigned by the federal cabinet to relevant ministries which were to be completed in the allotted time. However, the ministries were still to implement five cabinet decisions.

“The 16 ministries have been given 21 [more] days,” the notification stated. A report of the performance of the ministers was also to be submitted along with the mention of any failure on their part to implement the instructions given in the new ‘red-letter’.

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A detailed report would be prepare by PM’s delivery unit after 21 days.

The ministries and divisions had also been asked to timely dispose of disciplinary proceedings – initiated against government employees – pending for more than three months.

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