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Pakistan urges World to Investigate Human Rights Violations under Guise of COVID-19 in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan (Islamabad May 21, 2020): Modi regime is using the global distraction of COVID-19 crisis to increase its oppression of innocent Kashmiris. The international community, UN and health related international organizations need to take serious note of the urgent humanitarian situation in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and ensure immediate medical relief and supplies said Dr Moeed Yusuf, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on National Security and Strategic Policy Planning at the international media conference titled “COVID-19 Kashmir Media Conference” organized by Organization for Kashmir Coalition (OKC) in London, United Kingdom.

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The fourth Geneva Conventions binds India to provide access to international relief organizations to address the medical emergency in IOJK. Dr Yusuf highlighted that the global media needs to view India afresh by recognizing the fascist ideology being promoted by the ruling BJP against Muslims and especially Kashmiris.

He noted that not since Hitler had fascism posed such a serious threat to regional and global peace. Recounting the series of unilateral actions by India in occupied Kashmir since August 5 last year, Dr Yusuf described the recent spike in Indian state sponsored terrorism in Kashmir where more than 33 young Kashmiris have been killed in fake encounters.

He emphasized that the legitimate struggle of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination is a response to the violent oppression orchestrated by India through its 900,000 security forces in IOJK. He emphasized that Pakistan will continue its diplomatic and political support for the Kashmir cause at all international forums.

Dr Moeed Yusuf reiterated Pakistan’s position that UNSC resolutions are the only mechanism to solve the Kashmir dispute and India should reverse its August 05, 2019 actions before any substantive and meaningful dialogue is possible.

He warned against the high likelihood of India using a false flag operation to justify its expansionist designs by initiating military action against Pakistan. He said belligerent statements by Indian leaders are attempts by India to externalize the problems it has created in Kashmir. The conference was well attended by renowned writers and experts on Kashmir and personnel from prominent global media outlets.

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