Opposition leaders terms FY-2020-21 Budget as ‘Anti People’

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Friday unveiled the FY-2020-21 Budget, the position shortly after the PTI-led federal government unveiled the budget, criticised the centre for what they called was an ‘anti people’ budget.

Shehbaz Sharif, PML-N Chief and Opposition leader in the National Assembly,  termed the budget “anti-people”, saying that it would lead to increased inflation and unemployment. PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the PTI had presented a “disappointing, traditional” budget at a time when the country was facing historic challenges.

“This is not a budget but a prescription for destruction,” Shehbaz said in a statement. “Whatever signs of economic progress are left in the country, will be ended because of the current government’s budget. The PTI government first tried to hide its inefficiency first behind PML-N and then behind the coronavirus pandemic.”

He also raised a question on government performance, noting that it was the first time the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) had contracted in 68 years. “The fiscal deficit has never been in two digits in the country’s history,” he added.

He added that the budget’s targets were ‘unrealistic’ and would increase problems and difficulties for people.

He added that the incumbent government was the first one which was “unable to achieve its own targets for revenue, fiscal deficit and GDP growth”.

Shehbaz also added that government could not hide their failure behind the corona pandemic saying that its performance was “dismal” even before the pandemic’s outbreak. “This budget has only been created to benefit the finances of PTI members and its allies,” he claimed.

“The revenue tax collection of Rs3,800 billion against the target of Rs5,555bn is far less than the tax collection by the PML-N government two years ago. Why did the production of cotton decrease by 6,9 per cent when it was not affected by corona?” he questioned.

“This government has increased the country’s debt by 30pc in two years and it plans to incur more debt so that the future of this country’s next generation will be kept mortgage in foreign banks,” Shehbaz added

PPP Chairman Bilawal said  that the PPP “completely rejected” the budget. “It does not give any importance to the dangers facing this country. This PTI-IMF budget is anti-people,” he added.

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Bilawal said that “every Pakistani should reject the PTI’s budget” and added that the PPP along with other opposition parties would soon convene a multi-party conference on the budget.

Other opposition parties also rejected the budget.


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