International Disaster Management Confernce 2019(IDMC-2019) Peshawar Pakistan

IDMC(2019) On Climate Change Adaptation And Disaster Resilience

52341868 2204814149835737 349655963331985408 n Voice Of FreedomUoP is synergizing five departments expertise in Establishing National Climate Change research Institute Peshawar: University of Peshawar is speeding-up efforts in establishing National Climate Change Research Institute at University of Peshawar to make an alliance of environmental sciences, geology, geography and centre of disaster management to better combat climate change challenges and build research reservoir for real time assessment of natural and man-made hazards. The Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar Prof.Dr.Muhammad Asif khan made this policy statement during his presidential speech during two-day International disaster management Conference 2019 at SSAQ conference Hall, University of Peshawar held under auspices of Centre for Disaster Preparedness & Management.
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Around forty three papers were presented during the deliberation of the conference.
Vice Chancellor Prof.Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan underscored the need of local, regional, national and international agencies to come up to hold sustainable dialogue for reacting to ground level challenges arising of climate change as these hazards are occurring fast than our projections and expectations. He lamented that hydrocarbons extracting from natural earth in form gas, minerals, oil are causing carbon parts exceeding from 300 to 400 parts per million in recent decades and are resulting in climate changes. He felt proud in expressing joy over recent researches conducted by geography department on flash floods modeling and environmental sciences for doing researches on
Addressing the inaugural session during a welcome address Director Prof.Dr.Noor Jahan said that her centre at University shall be working as a nodal point for academia, agencies and policy institutions. She implored students of university to broaden their understanding of environmental challenges posed to country as a whole.
International Committee for Red Cross sub-delegation head at Peshawar Giovanni Trambaiolo said that globally, challenges and stakes are rising up due to climate change hazards including droughts, floods, and unseasonal happenings. He called upon agencies and academia to take advantage of his organization specialization while working in these disasters prone areas.
52444272 2204814033169082 1395825557580546048 n Voice Of FreedomBrigadier Syed Fayaz Hussain Shah said that Social behavior change motivation in masses through media is pivotal in attainment of SDGs goals calling for action against climate change.
PDMA DG, Pervez Khan Sabitkhail called upon the development agencies to work in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as last year around 1000 people lost their lives in KP out of 1500 in the country, propelling the need for agencies to work vigorously in these areas.
Program manager PRCS Shahid Kazmi said that his organization is providing a lot of 1000 volunteers annually to fight and better equip the battle for mitigating the losses incurred due to natural hazards. He pointed out that implementation challenges in the combating phase are weakening the resolve of donor agencies.51907561 2204814096502409 2559142291792986112 n Voice Of Freedom
Later, in the paper presentation NUST representative Dr.Naeem Shehzad said that Pakistan being the 7th country most susceptible and vulnerable in disaster prone global index must realize that it has act fast in adaptation level of preparations and management of these hazards. He remarked that due to climate changes salinity in dams, glacier lake outburst floods, melting of ice sheets and receding of glaciers will be the order of the day.Dr.Asif Khattak from UoP pointed out that global warming is impacting all the areas from west and east of the world and recent heat waves, tsunami, cold waves, wildfires, heat-strokes are raising the vulnerabilities of the people at local level.



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