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11 members of Pakistani Hindu migrant family found dead in Rajasthan, India

In India, eleven members of Pakistan Hindu migrant family have been found dead in Lodta village of  Jodhpur district in Rajasthan.

According to police officials, the cause of deaths has not been ascertained so far.

The family had come from Pakistan’s Sindh province in 2012 and was in the process of getting its citizenship in India.

According to the report, the family had migrated to India from Pakistan and only one member of the family now remains.

Police launched an investigation into the incident while traces of insecticide were found at the scene. A police official, Rahul Barhat, told the publication that forensic experts had been called in to assist with the probe.

“An investigation is being carried out to ascertain the exact cause of the incident,” he said.

A preliminary police investigation had a suggestion that the incident may have arisen from a family dispute, the report said.

Local people had alerted officials after finding the bodies, the report said, adding that the deceased were from the Bheel community and had come to India some 8 years ago.

According to police, the family had rented a piece of land and used to cultivate it to earn a living. It added that 37-year-old Kewal Ram was the only surviving member of the family and was being questioned by the police.


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