White House coronavirus task force members currently not expected at Trump’s COVID-19 briefing

On Tuesday, President Trump has its evening briefing on the administration’s response to the virus, where no white House coronavirus task force members are currently expected to join President Trump.

President Trump has adopted the strategy of ignoring the pandemic from few weeks as  his poll numbers have continued to drop, he announced Monday that he would resume resume regular public briefings after discontinuing them in April and declaring them a waste of time.

Trump is expected to hold these briefings a few times a week but not on a daily basis like he was earlier this year.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the CNN that he and  Dr Deborah Birx have still not been told whether they will be in attendance at Tuesday’s 5 p.m. ET briefing at the White House.

On Tuesday, US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said that details on who will attend the briefing are still being worked out.

“They are still figuring that out,” Adams said on “CBS This Morning” when asked if he, Fauci and Birx will be attending the briefing.

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“I know that as they resume, we will be there in our different roles. As folks know, I’m a strong advocate for making sure we are promoting the awareness of the impact [of Covid-19] on communities of color, particularly African-Americans and particularly Hispanics,” Adams told CBS.


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