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UNSC: China urges all parties in Yemen to ceasefire immediately, calls for political settlement

Republic of China has urged all parties in Yemen to ceasefire immediately and resolve issue through political process and negotiations.

Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the world body, addressing United Nations Security Council said the international community must step up its efforts to push for an early breakthrough in the political settlement of the Yemen issue.

He said China supports the search for a solution to the Yemeni problem from three aspects including a nationwide cease-fire, economic and humanitarian measures and comprehensive political negotiations. 

From April to May this year, a general cease-fire was achieved in northern Yemen. This shows that as long as there is political will, it is not impossible to cease fire and stop violence. However, the recent increase in hostilities among parties to the conflict has destabilized the security situation in the north and the south. China is deeply concerned about this, he said.


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