Trump predication’s about the virus goes wrong, more people died last month: Joe Biden

He was wrong — and more than 25,000 Americans died due to the virus last month

Wilmington, DE 4th August, 2020: On July 1st, Donald Trump predicted the corona virus was going to “just disappear.” He was wrong — and more than 25,000 Americans died due to the virus last month, Says Joe Biden.

Joe Biden. criticized Trump and comes harder on his administration while saying that “Mr. President, step up and do your job before even more American families feel the pain of losing a loved one”.

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Enhanced unemployment benefits expired for millions overnight. We don’t have an effective nationwide testing program or a plan to control the virus. Our health care workers still don’t have enough Personal Protective Equipment, said Joe Biden..

Donald Trump abdicated his responsibility to lead us out of this COVID-19 crisis—and we now face a potential housing crisis because of it. Mr. President: Act now to make sure Americans don’t have to choose between a roof over their heads or food on the table, said Joe Biden


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