The Secret Life of Mullah Omar

Washington- The former leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar lived within walking distance of US bases in Afghanistan for years, and died in the same country, according to a book ”The secret life of Mullah Omar”  by a Dutch Journalist that highlights embarrassing failures of American intelligence.

Bette Dam, a Dutch journalist, has exposed the failure of US intelligence as American troops once searched the house where he was hiding but failed to find a secret room built for him.

The biography by Dam in Dutch is being translated and shared by Zomia think-tank and a summary of some findings confirms that the fugitive Taliban leader lived in Afghanistan and even refused any kind of treatment from Pakistani doctor.

The accounts also confirm that the US intelligence failed to locate the one-eyed Taliban leader with its eyes wide open; Omar died and was buried in Afghanistan as per the sensational biography putting to rest allegations by the Afghan regime in 2015 that he died in Pakistan.


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