The number of registered complaints on Pakistan Citizens’ Portal Crosses Fifteen Lac

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) has been successful in reaching yet another success milestone, as the number of registered complaints on the Pakistan Citizens’ portal reaches above fifteen lac. Latest statistics revealed that the total registered members on the portal are 1,513,598, whereas with the inclusion of complaints from inland, overseas and foreigners, the figure reaches 1,844,963.

The highest percentage of complaints have been received by citizens from the province of Punjab i.e 43 percent followed by 35 percent from the Federal Government. KPK came next with 12 percent whereas Sind, Balochistan, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan revealed minimal figures ranging between 8 and 0.11 percent respectively. This remarkable complaint registration ratio is a testament of growing public trust towards the government, whereas the efforts and diligence of PMDU along with other state machinery is evident from the overall feedback of complaint resolved, which has been 92 percent as of the month of February. These statistics not only represent a sound complaint redressal mechanism, but also show an ever increasing trust between public and the


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