“Students Solidarity March” for the restoration of Students Unions held countrywide

Across the country on friday students, activists, civil society members and politicians protested and they called it a “Student Solidarity March’.

Students Solidarity March key demands are the restoration of student unions, fee hikes, legislation to ensure the creation of independent sexual harassment committees on university campuses,  a ten percent increase in the education budget, an end to the discrimination of students based on gender and ethnicity, a ten percent increase in the education budget, and the demilitarization of campuses across the country.

hyderabad Voice Of Freedom

Mashal Khan who was murdered in the university campus, his father was also present in protest, People’s Party representatives and unions within Punjab also participated with students.

lahore Voice Of Freedom

The social activists Jibran Nasir while talking to media he said “I have come to support our country’s future. Students are our future. We must realise that our future will never be bright if we keep on lighting monuments of the past.”

In spite of recent ban on student politican activities by Balochistan government, hundreds of student came out in support of Student Solidarity March.


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