Sri Lanka: We Believe One of the Suicide Bomber Studied in United Kingdom: State Minister For Defense

Sri Lanka Attacks 24 April 2019: We Believe One the Suicide Bomber Studied in UK & later on Post Graduated in Australia.

Sri Lankan State Minister for Defense has claimed that most of the suicide bombers were well educated while giving updates on the Sri Lanka Attacks that has taken the life of more than 300 innocent people including 27 Foreigners.

The State Minister for Defense when asked in a media briefing who’s do you think behind the attacks, after ISIS have claimed for the terror attacks in a released video, the Minister said that we are conducting investigation if it has any direct link to any International Organization such as ISIS. As ISIS have claimed the responsibility we might say they are involved because of their ideology and funding they received.

He added, that the group have most of them well educated and have come from the middle class families, so they were financially quite independent, the most worrying thing that some of them have studied in different countries as they hold degrees of LLM’s.

We also believe that one of the suicide bomber have studied in United Kingdom and later on Post Graduated from Australia and then Settled in Sri Lanka.


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