Spanish footballer Iker Casillas stable after heart attack, but will he play again?

May 3, 2019:

Spanish goal keeper Iker Casillas remains stable after his heart attack on Wednesday, but still it is not clear that whether he will be able to play soccer again.

Casillas, who turns 38 this month, is known as one of the greatest goalkeepers Real Madrid has ever had. He also helped the Spain squad win the World Cup in 2010 as well as the 2008 and 2012 European Championships. He joined FC Porto in July 2015.

“You can’t play soccer with a coronary stent, much less as a goalkeeper” Juan Antonio Corbalan, CARDIOLOGIST

He spent Wednesday night at CUF Hospital in the Portuguese city of Porto, where he was admitted after having “an acute myocardial infarction” at a morning training, according to the statement of club.

His condition has been stable now, and Casillas has also posted images of himself in social media saying that “everything is under control.” His agent, Carlo Cutropía, said that the goalkeeper will spend three days in hospital.iker Voice Of Freedom

Everything under control around here; a big scare, but strength intact. Many thanks to everyone for the messages and the affection.

Porto doctor Nelson Pulga said he expects Casillas to make a full recovery, but warned that it is too early to know whether he will be able to keep playing top level soccer.

Other physicians are also being cautious, noting that the main goal was to save his life, which they did. As for going back to doing the same activity, there is a division of opinion.


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