Seminar held on world allergy day at Islamabad

ISLAMABAD(April 12,2019).

Allergy in severe cases is a life threateing disease. In order to cope with this serious steps are being taken. Pollen as well as food allergy may also prove fatal in some cases. Most common allergy type in Pakistan is wheat allergy. Government and Private Sector will work collectively work to cope with the issue of rising allergy patients in the country. Speakers addressing a seminar on “Free Pollen and Food Allergy” organised by World Allergy Organisation and Pakistan Allergy Asthmanology Society in connection with the world allergy week expressed these views at the opening cermeony of a week long allergy camp.

Prominent among the speakers were Director General Health Islamabad Dr Hassan Arooj and President of PINES Dr Shahid Abbas. Dr Sohail Kareem Hashmi, Dr Rubab Shafiq and Senior Journalist Javed Malik also addressed the gathering. Dr Hassan Arooj said that alarming increase in allergy is a matter of grave concern. There is a dire need to address this situation with help of public private partnership. The treatment available in hospitals run by the federal government is not sufficent to address with widespread disease. Government is ready to take measures as suggested by Dr Shahid Abbasi.

Dr Shahid Abbasi in his address highlighted the harms caused by the allergies both nationally and internationally. He also enlightened the participants with all the allergy types, medical treament and precuations that must be adopted by the allergy patients. He revealed that even in technologically advanced countries hurderds of deaths are reported due to food allergy.

Allergy is a dangerous disease but unfortunately there is little or no awareness in Pakistan about this issue despite the fact that Pakistan is among thoses countries where ratio of allergy is very high. Even medical practitioners are unaware of the needs and treatment of an allergy patient therefore they try to suppress the symptoms by common medicine which cause irreparable health loss to the allergy patient and in some cases patient dies. He further told that allergy is turning out to be an epidemic globally. Wheat allergy is most common in Pakistan. Of all the allergy types food allergy is most dangerous which has been named variously as food allergy shock or food allergy reaction.

Patients who are going through such allergy should adopt precautionary measures. He said that we have prepared an injection for such patients which globally is sold at 200$ but in pakistan it is available only for forty to fifty rupees. Food allergy patients have to self inject it in case of emergency. Patients should be fully aware of the usage of this life saving injections. Government should make sure that it is easily available at all hospitals and medical stores. He also suggested that anaphylaxis units should be established in emergencies of all major hospitals where allergy patients should be treated.
He told the audience that allergy camp which has been organised at Allergy Centre, Masood Arcade, Sector I-9/4, Main IJP road, will provide free allergy tests and medical advice related to all types of allergies


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