Sasha Obama’s impressive living situation revealed

(VOFNEWS)– From the past few months, Michelle Obama has been sharing glimpses inside her family’s home.

She is revealing their impressive Tudor property has everything from a roof terrace to a sprawling garden. And what’s more, during lockdown, they will have been living together but still enjoying their own space too, thanks to Sasha’s incredible living situation. The 19-year-old has her own suite in the house, including her very own living room.

 “Sasha actually killed in this house. She has a two-room suite, it’s all decked out. She has like a living room area and a bedroom.” Michelle Obama said during an interview with  on Ellen in 2018.

Malia, meanwhile, has a “room in the attic somewhere,” because prior to the lockdown she was away at university. “She’s away at college. You don’t waste rooms on college kids,” she joked.

Sasha is now at university too, and has no doubt enjoyed spending more time at her family’s home over the past few months. The family had decided to stay in Washington after leaving the White House in 2017 so that Sasha could finish the secondary school she was enrolled at.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Michelle has been enjoying spending quality time with her daughters while they are at home. The doting mum opened up about their experience on her new podcast and gave an insight into their daily routine.

michelle Voice Of Freedom

“Barack’s in his office, making calls, working on his book. I’m in my room. The girls are on their computers,” she told her previous podcast guest, former NPR host Michele Norris. “Sometimes we’re outside if the weather permits, but we’ve developed this routine, you know, we don’t really worry about seeing one another in the day.”


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