PM Imran Khan praised in unanimous resolution passed by US state of Georgia

May 12, 2019:

On Friday, Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was praised in the resoution passed n the state of georgia due to his efforts for maintaining peace in the region.

This resolution is passed unanimously earlier in this week lauded PM Imran Khan for maintaining peace in the region and also for playing a vital role in the tension between Pakistan and India.

“The honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan remains steadfastly committed to peace with Pakistan’s neighbors and continues to promote mutual respect and understanding between cultures and religions, enhancing stability and promoting prosperity and diplomacy throughout the world,” read the resolution

resolution of georgia US Voice Of Freedom
Resolution passed by US state of Georgia

Further highlighted the friendship, respect ad admiration shared between the country and the american state and also underlining the bonds of bilateral trade, beneficial businesses and economic interests.


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