Peshawar Airport Flights Have Been Restored

Peshawar(Handout):The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa today inaugurated the inaugural ceremony.
Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khyber(KP) has said that the launch of night flights from the Peshawar airport is a new step towards the change in the provincial government, due to terrorism , the maintenance of flights suspended from the Peshawar airport, especially on the basis of night flights will facilitate the masses. But also will help in the promotion of commercial and economic activities, the PTI is trying to change the system based on the interests of non-government rulers, the government has ruled such rulers who have not thought about the public. What, when the constitutional institutions ask them, they start screaming.

He expressed his views while addressing a flight from Peshawar to the United Arab Emirates. He officially sent 143 passengers including PK-255 Cooperative Airport, to Yemen, officially in the Arab Emirates of Arab Emirates, in the event, airport manager Obaidullah Abbasi, Chief Security Officer, Mr. Malik and other relevant officials.

The Chief Minister said that Imran Khan deeply loves Pakistan’s people in pursuit of employment overseas and raises facilities at all levels to provide facilities to them. He said that the central and provincial governments are aware of the problems of the passengers traveling abroad and they are with you in every field. The Chief Minister said that the night’s flight was closed from our province’s only international airport due to terrorism. As many as airline keeps flights operating on daytime, after long sacrifices and efforts, the restoration of peace in the province has become possible, due to which we have not only restored suspended flights, but at night from the Peshawar Airport. Flatts’ food is possible, he said that this credit goes to Pakistan International Airways We are the PIA masters.

The Chief Minister said that it is a great pleasure that the passengers will be suffering from the problems of foreigners. It is a change that the people voted for Imran’s election change and he Now the promises made by the people are fulfilling the graduation. Contrary to the PTI rule of interest, standing in public for the prosperity and change of the people, he expressed regret that the rulers of the past did not care about the welfare of the common man and kept their pockets filled with nib If they catch them, they laugh and say, “Now see the people how many assets were before their politics and how much their assets are now,” he said, adding that now he can not afford the suffering of the prisoners. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arab Cake also cut on the occasion of the inaugural flight of Alan city of UAE, and the PIA administration planted them. Fold was also present. The Chief Minister also met the flight passengers mentioned on this occasion and left them with good wishes. Meanwhile, District Manager PIA Ibrahim Yousufzai highlighted the PIA’s performance in connection with the Peshawar Airport in his address. Flatts will also be launched for other countries from Peshawar Airport.


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