Peace Dialogue May Get Better Chance If Modi’s BJP Wins Election: PM Imran Khan Openly Endorse Modi.

Islamabad 09 April, 2019: Prime Minister Imran Khan thinks that peace dialogue with India may get better chance if Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins the general election to be held on Thursday.

PM Imran Khan Said if BJP wins election, some kind of settlement could be reached on Kashmir Talks. Talking to a group of Foreign journalists he said that if the opposition party Congress wins  they might be too scared in settlement on disputed Indian occupied Kashmir.

This was notwithstanding the massive alienation that Muslims in Kashmir and Muslims in the whole world facing today. Khan Said “I never figured I would perceive what’s going on in India at the present time,”Muslim-ness is being assaulted.”

Khan said Kashmir was a political struggle and there was no military solution, adding that Kashmiris suffered if armed militants from Pakistan came across the border, leading to Indian army crackdowns.


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