Pakistan@100: People Can Prosper And Thrive If Pakistan Reforms Faster: Says World Bank

ISLAMABAD, March 18, 2019  Pakistan@100: Shaping the Future the report, Launched today at the Human Capital Summit, urges Pakistan to overcome its boom-bust cycles through a deep-rooted economic transformation. It recommends Pakistan urgently needs to invest more and better in its people if they are to be richer, better educated, and healthier when the country turns 100 years old in 2047: World Bank

This means increasing and improving human capital investment, boosting productivity, promoting social and environmental sustainability, ensuring good governance, and leveraging its location to connect more with neighbors and the world beyond.

The Pakistan of 2019 is a confident country which have tremendous potential to achieve it’s targets. Implementing pragmatic policies which are more open for business, trade & investments is need of the hour.

The forward-looking report argues that Pakistan’s greatest asset is its people – a young population of 208 million. This large population can transform into a demographic dividend that drives economic growth. To achieve that, Pakistan must act fast and strategically to: i) manage population growth and improve maternal health, ii) improve early childhood development, focusing on nutrition and health, and iii) boost spending on education and skills for all, according to the report.

Meanwhile Talking to the Summit Pakistan Minister for Planing  Khusro Bakhtiar has said that government has already set their vision for the next five years and to 2047. “Countries need to urgently invest in their people” as they look to tomorrow. I believe investing in human capital – particularly women – can help Pakistan achieve its full potential.


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