No further negotiations if opposition insists on resignation, says PM Imran Khan

Thousands of protestors are protesting in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, under the banner of ‘Azadi March’ and demanding the resignation of PM Imran Khan.

The ‘Azadi March’ is leading by the Chairman of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam(F) Pakistan Molana Fazal ur Rehman.

The caravan, which set off from Sindh on October 27, reached Islamabad on October 31.

Till now, despite different meetings, negotiations have failed between Rahbar committe and Government and did’nt reached any results.

PM Imran Khan said that there will be no further negotiations if opposition insists on resignation.

The government negotiation team met Imran Khan and discussed the demands of Rahbar committe.

There is talk again and again of resignation; PM Imran was quoted as saying in the meeting.

If the resignation is the only demand so there is no need of further negotiations, he was further quoted as saying.


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