Message of the Prime Minister Imran Khan on International Human Rights Day

Islamabad 10 December, 2019: Pakistan joins the international community in celebrating the Human Rights Day, commemorating the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the UN General Assembly.

Pakistan Information Department has released official message of the Prime Minister Imran Khan Celebrating International Human Rights Day. He says  ” The message of equality, justice and protection of basic human rights for all was given more than 1400 years ago by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The State of Madinah, established by the Prophet (P.B.U.H), was the embodiment of the cardinal principles of respect for human dignity and human rights. Inspired by these ideals, the government is committed to the protection of human rights for all its citizens without discrimination, and to upholding the democratic principles and promoting inclusive and sustainable development as enshrined in our Constitution” .

PM Imran Khan Added ” Our Founding Father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, envisioned Pakistan as a modern, democratic, Islamic welfare state where all segments of the society would enjoy equal opportunities and fundamental rights and freedoms. In line with the vision of the founding father, the government has prioritized the human rights agenda, and is working to ensure the realisation of these rights especially for the vulnerable and marginalised segments of the population – including women, children, minorities and people with disabilities. Necessary steps are being taken to ensure empowerment and protection of women, advancing the rights and protection from abuse of children, safeguarding the rights of minorities, and promoting inter-faith harmony. Human dignity for all cannot be realized without addressing basic human needs” .

He said that ”our government has devised a comprehensive framework for poverty alleviation and for ensuring universal education and healthcare, and is working with all stakeholders including the private sector, civil society and the media to achieve these critical objectives. On this day, we must also keep in our thoughts and prayers the brave and oppressed Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K), who have faced all sorts of human rights abuses at the hands of Indian occupation forces. They have relentlessly struggled for their inalienable right to self-determination — a right promised to them by the international community through the UN Charter and UN Security Council resolutions of which India and Pakistan are parties. They have faced mass murder, rape, molestation, destruction, abduction, torture, blinding; in short, all sorts of crimes against humanity for the past seven decades. Since 5 August, the situation has deteriorated further ” .

”IOJ&K has been transformed into the world’s largest prison, with an inhuman lockdown and other restrictions which are now ongoing for more than four months. The international community must act in support of the fundamental human rights and basic freedoms of the Kashmiris and urge India to allow a UN fact finding mission to IOJ&K to ascertain the reports of grave human rights violations there. A peaceful, negotiated settlement to this long-standing dispute, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people should remain the focus of the international community. I reaffirm Pakistan’s abiding political, diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmiri people in their just struggle for human dignity and for the realization of their inalienable right to self-determination” (PM Imran Khan)


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