Lanning hits the books during shutdown

Meg Lanning, captain of the Australian team that won the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup earlier this month, is using the break in all cricket activity to brush up on skills for life after she hangs up her boots.

Lanning, who admits she will go “stir-crazy” with no outdoors activity to keep her busy, wants to use the unexpected time off to complete her Level 3 coaching course. She is also looking to pursue a course in business or sports management.

“I struggle doing nothing,” she told “I’ll look to lock that [university course] in next week. Once I’ve done that, it will settle me down a bit once I’ve got something to focus on.

“I love to get outdoors and be active and spend time doing that, so I’ve had to adjust that. I’ve got a home gym set-up that I feel will keep me going. I’ll certainly go stir crazy if I can’t do any exercise.”

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Knowing all too well how trying their new schedules can be for players who are frequently on the road and always active, Lanning, as captain, is keen to ensure her players are in a good frame of mind.

“We’ve got a virtual meeting booked in for Friday where anyone can jump on and have a chat about cricket, not cricket, anything like that,” she said. “It’s a very important time to look after people and to make sure they’re coping mentally and physically and there’s been a lot of chat about how we can best do that.

“As captain, it’s very important that I’m leading the way and making sure everyone is going well.”


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