Joe and Kamala shares same values and have strong relationship: Says Dr. Jill Biden

Washington D.C 19th August 2020: Former United States 2nd Lady Dr. Dr Jill Biden in an interview said that “We both wanted Kamala Harris as Vice President because I admire strong women”

Talking about Kamala Harris abilities, Dr Jill Biden said that ” She is strong, fearless and tough which makes her a good debater. She will be good partner to Joe Biden, that’s all Joe needs to have someone who truly helps him”.

Joe Biden has seen difficult times through out his life but he is the man of faith and belief which is why he keeps himself optimistic. Joe Biden mentioned many times that he and Kamala Harris have a very tight relationship and share same values, said Dr Jill Biden.

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Answering to a question Dr. Biden said that ” The day Joe Biden elect as President of The United States of America, I will be taking my job along with me and will continue to take my class in the university the very next day.

Joe Biden is the right choice to take us out of this difficult situation, because we have to be on track, children are desperate to go back school and meet their friends. But at the same time we have to listen to the advises of scientist and doctors, Said Jill Biden.


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