Ivanka Trump plans to focus on small businesses for coronavirus recovery

President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump personally lobbied the executive of top banks to line up the $1.5 billion in commitments to small business among bank executives and President Trump which were announced yesterday at a videoconference.

The State of Play: Ivanka, who has had workforce development in her portfolio going back to 2017, plans an increasing emphasis on small businesses in the weeks ahead as they navigate the rescue bill’s Payroll Protection Program, sources tell me.

  • Ivanka initially focused on job creations- especially women and minority owned business,which create jobs in underserved communities.
  • Now it will play a good role in economical recovery.

Watch for Ivanka: The rescue bill planned by the White House and Hill for the small business provision, now Ivanka will take a key role in negotiations.

  • Ivanka also plans to advocate the workforce development and skills training to help the Americans to workfaster



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