Its time for Washington to make progress on success of Imran Khan-Trump meeting: State Dept

Unites States of America has said that now its a time to build upon progress on the successful meeting between Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Trump and state secretary Mike Pompeo.

State department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said in her press conference that Pakistan’s Prime Minister visit to US helped President Trump and Secretary Pompeo build a personal link and connection with Pakistani Premier.

“This meeting, of course, gave the chance for the president and the secretary to meet with Prime Minister Imran Khan, to build a personal connection and rapport. And now we think it’s time to make progress on the success of this first meeting,” she said

When she was asked that how the State Department sees the Pak-US and Pak-India ties progressing after Imran’s US trip, she said .“I would note one of the things that the prime minister says that he vowed to urge the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government. We are committed to peace in Afghanistan. We think that was an important step.”

“And there was a number of issues that were discussed not only in the president’s meeting but with the secretary’s meeting as well, and now is the time to build upon that meeting and to build upon those commitments,” Ortagus added.

When she was asked about Imran Khan’s statement that there would be good news on US hostages soon, Ortagus said the Trump administration had a “very strong record, actually, on getting American hostages returned”.

“We take human lives incredibly seriously, and we will use every means available at our disposal to secure and to see the secure and safe return of American citizens who are held hostage abroad. The prime minister [Imran Khan] did say that. We are, of course, working closely with the Pakistanis on recovering them. We think his statements were helpful and we’re of course hopeful that there will be some action proceeding those statements.”

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