Hillary Clinton thinks Biden has ‘great choices’ for running mate

"This is such a critical election and I think he's got great choices," Clinton said

Hillary Clinton, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, in an interview with MSNBC on Sunday praised Joe Biden’s vice presidential search while slamming President Donald Trump as “a wannabe authoritarian.”

“This is such a critical election and I think he’s got great choices,” Clinton said of those believed to be in Biden’s final round of consideration, which includes D-Calif.,Sen., Kamala Harris, former national security adviser Susan Rice and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, among others. “We’re up against a wannabe authoritarian who has already hurt our country, our institutions, our rule of law … we just have to defeat Donald Trump.”

The 2016 Democratic nominee explained how she chose her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., by looking for “a person who could literally be president tomorrow” as well as someone “I could work with” and who could “help me win.”

Hillary Clinton also highlights and spoke about  the role sexism plays in the campaign as Biden prepares to put a woman on the ticket.

“There still is just so many filters that stand between women seeing public office, particularly at the highest level,” she said, noting that “women are ready to serve, we have served, we are prepared to serve.”

She called on anyone with a platform needs to “speak out and defend the woman that (former) Vice President Biden picks” amid “biases and attitude about women seeking power.”

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“Oh my gosh, there’s never been an ambitious man apparently — at least I don’t hear that word applied to a man,” she added. “So we’ve got to defend the right of women to seek and hold power.”


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