GOP pollster Lee Carter’s opinion on Kamala Harris as a VP pick for Biden

Kamala Harris might be lackluster and a problematic running mate for Joe Biden given her record as a prosecutor, Lee Carter said on Saturday.

On Saturday Fox News host Neil Cavuto asked Carter that whether Joe Biden should choose Kamala Harris as Vice President after Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn  removed herself from consideration so that she could make room for a female running mate of color.

“I think it would be playing it safe to do something like that, and I think looking at somebody like Susan Rice, who has been in the public eye, Kamala Harris has been in the public eye would be sort of what you would expect from Joe Biden, who talks about wanting somebody who’s experienced he likes … that would be playing it what I would call a little bit too comfortable though in this moment because I think Kamala Harris has some baggage associated with her, particularly as it pertains to Black Lives Matter. She was a prosecutor, she was part of what people would say is part of the systemic problem — why didn’t she do more?” Carter added.

Carter seemed  to be referring to Harris’ record as California’s  attorney general.

“I’m not so sure I would go with Kamala Harris,” Carter added. “I don’t think that she is all that likeable in many, many ways. I know she had some great moments in debates but overall, she was rejected.”

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“I think we need someone that’s going to give Biden some energy, some enthusiasm, because right now, he’s not getting any attention and there’s very little enthusiasm.”

Instead of Harris, Carter suggested Biden choose Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., or former Orlando police chief Val Demmings.

“There’s some other very, very qualified people — if you think about Tammy Duckworth, she’s from Illinois. She has a purple heart in Iraq, she lost both of her legs in a crash, she was the first disabled woman veteran to be elected to Congress. She was born in Thailand, the first sitting senator to give birth while she was a senator,” Carter said.


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