First formal meeting between Senate committe and PTM leadership

Islamabad, 16 April, 2019.

The special committe of senate of Pakistan today assured PTM leadership of solution of their grievances.

According to details, Special Committee “to examine purported grievances amongst some sections of the society and reach out to engage with the genuinely to create national cohesion” met at the Parliament House under the Chairmanship Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif. Addressing the Committee, he said that social injustices can be addressed under the provisions of law and constitution. This special committee of the Senate was created with this purpose so that solution can be found to the problems of the aggrieved sections of the society for promoting national cohesion and integration.

In his opening remarks, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said that Senate being House of Federation is representative of the Federating units where not only the problems and grievances of different segments are discussed and debated but also tangible solutions are worked out through consultative process.   He said that this House plays a role of bridge among federation , the provinces  and the marginalized segments of the society. The meeting of the committee was held at the parliament House which was attended by the leader of Pakhtoon Tahufuz Movement (PTM) Manzoor Pashteen , MNA Mohsin Dawar and its other representatives.

Senator Barrister Saif welcomed the PTM Leadership at the Parliament House and said that Pashtoons have their own traditions which provide the mechanism for resolution of the disputes through dialogue and Jirga system. He observed that this Committee would serve as a bridge to address the grievances of the PTM, however, a thorough consultative process would be adopted to resolve the issues. He said that we all are citizens of this country, however, we may have reservations and complaints with the governments. He said that region has witnessed turmoil and is facing a security situation which have affected different areas of the country. He said that every society faces with peculiar problems and solution is sought keeping in view the interest and aspiration of the people.

This Committee, he said, would be instrumental for resolving such issues. During the three hour long meeting , the leadership of the PTM and the members of the Committee discussed and deliberated the ongoing issues at length. The members of the Committee were of the opinion that this session has provided an opportunity to understand the issues and learn from each other. The Committee suggested that PTM leadership may nominate a focal person for effective coordination and to present its demands in black and white so that these may be deliberated by the Committee for compiling  workable recommendations to seek the solution of the confronting issues. Barrister Saif said that Upper House of the Parliament is cognizant of the problems and grievances of the marginalized segments of the society. It is in this background that the Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani while agreeing with the proposal in the House immediately constituted this special committee.

The Member of this Committee in  its meeting today appreciated the proactive role of Chairman Senate  to this effect. They also appreciated the special invitees of the meeting Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed and Senator Mushahidllah Khan for their valuable input during the meeting. The head of PTM apprized the Committee of their demands and grievances. He said that measures must be taken for resolving the issue of the missing persons, de-minging of the landmines and for constitution of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to restore the confidence of the people of the area. He posed his complete confidence in Senate Special Committee and appreciated its suggestions for resolving the issues. He said that their demands are clear which need immediate solution. The members of the Special Committee agreeing with the demands of the PTM called for their prompt solution.

The members were of the view that differences provide the basis to the democratic process. The Committee has started with a positive beginning, the members observed. They termed it a historic day and the House of Federation would raise effective voice for addressing the grievances, however, there is need to develop a road map for formulating concrete recommendations in this regard.

The Committee reiterated that the process of dialogue would continue. The Committee has representation of all the political parties represented in the Senate. The Meeting was attended by Senators Dr. Jahan zaib Jamaldini, Sitara Ayaz , Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Sajjad Hussain Turi , Hidayatullah, Dilawar Khan, Fida Muhammad, Naseebullah Bazai, Sardar Shafiq Tareen, Sameena Saeed, Khanzada Khan, Mir Kabeer Ahmed Muhammad Shahi, Pir Sabir Shah, Mushahidullah Khan, MNA Mohsin Dawar and PTM leadership.


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