Facebook investigates President Trump misleading post using Ukraine photo

President Donald Trump on his official Facebook account posted a photo to show violence in the US but is in fact of an event in another country.

The advert shows one image of Mr Trump in a calm setting talking to police officers beside another of a security official being surrounded by protesters, saying: “Public safety vs chaos and violence”.

However, this image is from a pro-democracy protest in Ukraine in 2014.

Facebook told BBC that  they won’t be taking any action against the post but gave no further comment.

What does the image show?

The post reads “Evangelicals For Trump are ready to help re-elect President Donald J Trump.”

On the right side of the image, the officer is wearing a badge on his shoulder.

However, it is an insignia not recognisable as one US police wear – it’s a Coptic cross seen in countries which practice Orthodox Christianity.

mislead Voice Of Freedom
This image featured on the Facebook ad posted on Donald Trump’s official Facebook page

Using a reverse image search shows that the image is actually from Ukraine and was first posted in 2014, during the revolution that overthrew the government.

The security official pictured is in fact not a US police officer. That badge was worn by members of the “Internal Troops of Ukraine”, a now disbanded section of the national military that also assisted with policing.


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