Ex-CIA Agent: Obama bent hiring rules to build anti-trump deep state

April 21, 2019:

John Gentry Former CIA analyst published a strong attack on the alleged anti-Trump deep state, he claims that American intelligence institutions have been overrun by Democrats ,he also said that many of whom were handpicked by Barack Obama.

Gentry suggests that traditional safeguards to stop political weaponization of the intelligence community were bypassed by the former US President Barack Obama during his first term. It’s illegal to ask job applicants their political affiliation when joining U.S intelligence agencies, but Obama got around this obstacle by hiring from liberal-leaning demographic groups, says Gentry.

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Now 10 years later, the fruits labor of Barack Obama can be seen in the swathe of senior intelligence officials who were rapidly mobilized to strike the moment Donald Trump was identified as a political threat.

Gentry, for over 12 years worked at the CIA , said there was enough evidence to suggest the communities of American intelligence are biased towards the left wing of the political spectrum.

He wrote:

“A considerable body of evidence, much of it fragmentary, indicates that many CIA people have left-leaning political preferences, but less evidence shows that political bias influences CIA analyses.”



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