Effective legislation stressed to prevent child marriages, Education Experts

PESHAWAR: The government should ensure effective legislations on the prevention of Child Marriages, Educational experts, University of Peshawar.
A pre-planned suggestive discussion on the prevention of child and for nced marriages was organized by Peshawar University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) and Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar in a collaboration with UN-WOMEN Pakistan. In order to prevent child and forced marriages trend in KP and to talk comprehensively on the child marriages prevention bill, presented in the provincial assembly, an extensive discussion took place. The gathering aims to note down the suggestions and opinions of the educational experts.

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Dr. Basharat Husain, Chairman of Criminilogy Department and the UN-WOMEN KP Chapter head Zainab

The Chairman of Social Work Department, Dr.Shakeel Ahmad, the Chairman of Criminology Dr. Basharat Husain and the UN-WOMEN KP Chapter head Zainab Qisar Khan were the chief guests of the suggestive discussion. Despite this the Vice. President of PUTA Professor Dr. Kaneez Fatima, the Chairmen’s of Islamyat Department, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, College of Home economics, Law college, Philosophy and many males and females students participated.

The organizer of the event, Dr. Muhammad Ibrar of Social Work Department had commenced the discussion and shared the aims and purposes of the programs with the participants. He said in his presentation that according to the Health and Demographic Survey of Pakistan 2017-18; 50% percent women as compared to 34% female are deprived from education, in accord to the survey 22.3 percent females can’t get education due to early child marriages.
The Chairman of Social Work Department, Dr. Shakeel Ahmaed, said in his speech that the constitution of Pakistan repudiate the discrimination of sex and gives guaranty for the equal rights of men and women.confer Voice Of Freedom

The age of marriages for boys is 18 and for girls is 16 except Sindh where both can marry at least at the age of 18. Professor Dr. Kaneez Fatima emphasizing on women education concluded that government should collectively cater for the facilities for the development and nourishing of the girls for the reason that they should be easily excelled in education, training, art, self-confidence and skills after which they can live a reasonable good life.
The head of KP UN-WOMEN CHAPTER demanded the government to take such consistent and well bounded initiatives for the prevention of child marriages thorough which both the boys and girls nourish smoothly in the society without any discrimination as well as they ought to be benefited equally by all the opportunities.


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