CM Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Announces Developmental Package for the Newly merged Tribal Districts.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has regretted that certain so called Pashtoon political leaders are doing politics on the name of Pashtoon, pitching one pashtoon against another and dividing them for their political gains which he added could not be sincere to Pashtoon and Pakistan. The so called political leadership wanted bickerings amongst Pashtoon for their political gains.
The people of the province voted them in the past but they left behind a legacy of unprecedented loot and plunder and therefore the people turned a deaf ear to their catchy slogans showing them that they cannot be deluded and therefore Pashtoon rejected them forever. He said that he himself had seen the devastation brought along by militancy and the subsequent operation in Malakand division because he belong to Swat district and assured that the resources for the rehabilitation and reconstruction would be strictly spent in the newly merged districts. The affectees of the militancy and operation would be brought back to their houses from across the border. His government would focus on education, health and infrastructure and assured that the government would not leave the people of the erstwhile FATA on the mercy of others but would ensure protection and security to the people who suffered. He also announced a developmental package of billions rupees for the infrastructure development, rehabilitation and reconstruction, education, health and other sectors and assured that the package would remove the apprehensions and reservations of the people of the newly merged districts. He said that he would work on the political, economic and development integration of the people of erstwhile FATA.
He was addressing a big public gathering at Younas Khan Park during his daylong visit to North Wazirstan. Federal Minister for Communication Murad Saeed, Provincial Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Jhagra, Advisor to Chief Minister on Merged districts and provincial government spokersperson Ajmal Wazir, MPA Malik Shah Muhammad Wazir address the gathering and Advisor to Prime Minister Iftikhar Durrani was also present.
The Chief Minister said that his government was the government of Pashtoon and knew better what the real issues of the Pashtoons were. He said that certain so-called Pashtoon leaders wanted to deceive pashtoon on political sloganeering. He reminded the misrule of the so-called Pashtoon political leadership in the past who did and delivered nothing but what they did wholeheartedly has become the most corrupt chapter of the Pashtoon history. They installed SMS in the Chief Minister Secretariat who was known for all the misdeeds, corrupt practices and shadowing dealings right under the nose of these so-called political leadership of Pashtoon. Their misrule brought to an end their politics of deceits and the Pashtoon got them out of the politics through ballot, he added.
The Chief Minister said that he knew the real issues and the problems of the people of erstwhile tribal areas because he himself belonged to the PATA which had similar history when the militancy struck the Malakand division and the people bore the brunt of devastation. Unfortunately the resources meant for the rehabilitation and reconstructions of militancy struck Malakand Division were pocketed by the so-called political leadership who were at that time holding the reign of power. The people still did not know where the resources went and who grabbed them. Now again the so-called Pashtoon political leadership was out there to deceive the Pashstoon but the Pashtoon knew them because of their character, misdeeds and misrule in the province. They have interest in dividing the Pashtoon on different lines. They wanted the war like situation among the Pashtoon but they would never succeed because PTI introduced a pro people governance style totally exterminating the politics of loot and plunder. He said that the resources and the packages pledged with the people by the Prime Minister of Imran Khan would be strictly spent in the erstwhile tribal belt. He would personally monitor each and every penny coming to the new districts and going to the developmental side for the benefit of the people and their areas. He assured to bring back the affectees from the cross border. He would personally remove the reservations of the people related to the infrastructure development in the tribal areas, education and health sectors, the rehabilitation and reconstruction and the bringing up of internally displaced people. He assured that his government would eliminate corruption and irregularities and would take stern action against the corrupt practices.
Mahmood Khan said that the politics of certain people using the name of Pashtoon for their own interest was over. The government in the province belonged to Pashtoon and Pashtoon have appropriate representation in the federal government adding that the Pashtoon buried the politics of deceit adding that the entire belt of the erstwhile FATA would be brought to the national stream of development.
The Chief Minister said that he had been directed by the Prime Minister to work for the welfare and development of the people of FATA districts. This is a mission he would accomplish under all circumstances. He registered his unhappiness over the locking down of roads. The so-called leadership of Pashtoon should not do politics like this nor should they work on developing differences among the Pashtoon adding that the Pashtoon had successfully came out of the war. They suffered and offered tremendous sacrifices in the process. Now Pashtoon wanted peace, harmony and development and his government would ensure to deliver in consonance with the people’s aspirations of these areas. His government was accountable to the people and assured to resolve the problems of the people, he added.
Mahmood Khan also unveiled the much needed developmental package that included the inaugurations of 3G, 4G service, provision of Sehat Insaf Card for the whole of the people of  tribal districts by which each family would get free healthcare upto 7 lakh 20 thousands annually and assured that in the next visit he will inaugurate the cadet college, Medical college and University along with some other developmental activities. He also announced 54 Km long road from Spin to Shawa and assured certain developmental plan for the boost of tourism. He also announced Rs. 5 Lakh for the Uniform of Kids in the primary school of Baka Khel IDPs Camp.

Office of The press Secretary to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Handout No.1 Peshawar 9th March 2019

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