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BJP-RSS regime plans to turn IOJ&K into Hindu state: AJK President Masood

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan says the BJP-RSS regime in India has embarked on nefarious plans to turn occupied Kashmir into a Hindu Rashtra.

In an interview, he said the population in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir is being swamped by non-natives, mostly Hindus, and the land is being grabbed.

Masood Khan said illegal settlements are being built in the occupied valley to reduce Muslim majority of the state to a minority.

Explaining the actions taken by Modi government to achieve profane agenda in IOJ&K, he said the new domicile rules introduced in the occupied territory in early April this year have opened floodgates for new Hindu settlers from all over India.

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The AJK President said these new settlers will be able to grab some half a million jobs of Kashmiris whereas the original inhabitants and the owners of Kashmir will be elbowed out.


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