Biden lead grows to 13 points over Trump in Florida: Quinnipiac poll

Democratic presumptive Presidential nominne Joe Biden got 13-point lead over President Trump in the key battleground state of Florida, according to Quinnipiac poll.

Joe Biden leads Trump 51 percent to 38 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll released Thursday, it shows an increases in the percentage since Florida voters were last surveyed by the pollster in April, when Biden led Trump 46 percent to 42 percent.

President Trump  narrowly won Florida and its 29 electoral votes in 2016, edging out then-Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton by just over 1% point.

President Trump is looking in a bad situation now than he was in July 2016, when Trump held a narrow 42 percent-39 percent lead over Clinton in the Sunshine State.

Disapproval rating of President Trump is also increased according to the Quinnipiac poll. In April, 51 percent of Florida voters disapproved of the job Trump was doing. That number has since gone up, with 58 percent of voters polled in the state disapproving of the president’s performance.

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Trump leads Biden 50 %–47 % when it comes to economy but in other issues like the handling of coronavirus pandemic,  58 percent of respondents said Biden would better handle the coronavirus pandemic, while 38 percent said Trump would. 

Similarly, 55 percent said Biden would be better in a crisis compared to 42 percent who chose Trump.


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