Barack Obama & BTS headlined ‘Dear Class of 2020’ shatters Youtube records

Graduate across America this year were not able to congregate in person due to Coronavirus pandemic  but a lot of them showed up for Youtube’s Dear Class of 2020 star-studded virtual ceremony.

With Former US president Barack Obama delivering the marquee commencement sppech, the four-hour June 7 event snagged over 665,000 peak concurrent viewers and over 17 million total views over 24 hours which shattered Youtube record and makes Dear Class of 2020 the most watched YouTube Originals live event since the service once known as YouTube Red launched in 2016.

It also raised over $2 million via corporate sponsorship and also featuring an address from Michelle Obama as well, it gained 28 Million views at 2 days post-launch and then it viewers reached 34 Million mark after 72 hours.

All of which helped make the Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, J.J. Abrams, Taylor Swift, Missy Elliott, Seth Rogen, Bill Porter, Billie Eilish, Lizzo and a show closing BTS among others, starring ceremony become the most discussed YouTube Originals launch ever on Twitter and other social media.

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“Democracy isn’t about relying on some charismatic leader to make changes from on high,” the 44th POTUS asserted in remarks that addressed the coronavirus as well. “It’s about finding hope in ourselves, and creating it in others. Especially in a time like this. You don’t always need hope when everything’s going fine. It’s when things seem darkest — that’s when you need it the most.”


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