Australia: Brave 17 Years Old boy Slams Egg Onto Senator Fraser Anning’s head

Egg Boy

Australia: Brave 17 Years Old boy Slams Egg Onto Senator Fraser Anning’s head

The man who was yesterday roundly criticized for his comments on the Christchurch massacre was egged at an organised event where protesters and supporters of the controversial identity clashed in wild scenes.

Senator Anning was being interviewed by a Melbourne newspaper reporter at Moorabin when a teenager broke a raw egg over the back of his head.

A shocked Senator Anning turned towards the teenager and slapped at him with an open hand in the face. He lashed out at the teen a second time as the pair were separated.

Scott Morrison has condemned comments from Senator Fraser Anning blaming the Islamic community for NZ mosque shooting, saying they are “appalling and they’re ugly and they have no place in Australia”.

The teen was held down and questioned by officials before being led away by police. He was later released without charge pending further investigations. After the teen was hauled away, a supporter told the senator the “younger generation” was “taking up the fight”.

Egg boy showed the world that religion, age or ethnicity does not matter when it comes to standing up against oppression, hatred and evil. You only need a pure heart and the egg boy has a heart of gold!.



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