Annual Solar Eclipse: Crowds gathered to see ‘ring of fire’

Different number of peoples in different countries of Asia gathered to watch the natural phenomenon including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

In an annular eclipse, the moon covers the centre of the Sun, giving the appearance of a bright ring.

mymar2 Voice Of Freedom
The Solar Eclipse as seen earlier from central Myanmar
solar1 Voice Of Freedom
Solar Eclipse
mashom Voice Of Freedom
Children use special glasses to watch the eclipse in Wan Twin, Myanmar.
islm Voice Of Freedom
A girl protect her eyes by watching the Eclipse through an X-Ray in Islamabad, Pakistan

Previousely the Solar Eclipse was on 2 July and was visible almost exlusively over South America.he next total solar eclipse will be on 14 December 2020, and will be visible across parts of southern Chile and Argentina, as well as south-west Africa and Antarctica.


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