Andrew Gillum is set to “Trip up Trump” in Florida

Andrew Gillum has announced a plan to register as many as 1 million new Florida voters in an effort to crush Trump’s reelection chances in the state.

Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is set to launch a $3.9 million voter registration initiative to “trip up Trump” in Florida, according to report. According to news outlets, the former Tallahassee mayor and Democratic nominee for governor is expected to make a formal announcement on Wednesday regarding his new voting initiative.

The return of Andrew Gillum: he’s launching a mammoth voter registration campaign in Florida after losing the race for governor by less than half a point. He is making a good choice by launching a Stacey Abrams-esque voter registration drive in Florida rather than running in the already crowded Democratic primary for President in 2020.

If Democrats carry Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes in 2020, they would win the White House by capturing just one other swing state — Wisconsin (10 EC votes), Michigan (16 votes), Ohio (18) or Pennsylvania (20) — assuming the rest of the states voted the way they did in 2016.

While Florida Democrat says it is launching its own voter registration drive. Party plans to spend $2 million to register an additional 200k voters by the time of the 2020 presidential primary. Comes same day Andrew Gillum will detail his plans to register voters.

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